Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I am Superman

Let’s take the Waiting for Superman concept literally, and see what conclusions we draw.

-Superman can’t leap over poverty in a single bound.
-Superman can only help one person at a time.  He can’t be omnipresent.
-Superman can’t force people to accept his help.
-Superman can’t see through bad curriculum
-Superman can’t make a person want to change their behavior
-Superman can’t increase the length of a year, a month, or a day
-Superman can’t make someone do their work
-Superman can’t help drug addicts get sober
-Superman can’t mend broken families or improve parenting
-Superman can only talk so loud, and can’t force anyone to listen.
-Superman can’t force people to think for themselves
-Superman isn’t strong enough to defeat apathy

Surely, if Superman can’t do all these things, how can we feeble human teachers be expected to?

Yet, that’s what we try to do day after day, for the hundreds of students under our care.  You might consider thanking, rather than blaming us.

If you want to add more to the list, let's keep it going!

Feel free to make a comment, and I'll add your ideas for more things Superman can't do to the list!
The continuing list:

-Superman can’t do anyone’s work for them and expect them to learn
-Superman can't help people who are already dead.

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